Sponsor a Child’s Learning Experience

For many children gaining access to school is only the first hurdle. For these children access to a school uniform, paying school fees and purchasing text books is a burden their caregivers are not able to bear.

N4,000 Naira will supply a child with a school uniform, shoes and a school bag at school.

N8,000 Naira will help to send a child to school in uniform and supply one year’s textbooks covering all 9 curriculum subjects.

N12,000 Naira will supply one year’s textbooks to three children, helping them achieve their best.

N20,000 Naira will cover one year’s textbooks and the annual school fee’s for one child.

N25,000 The ultimate package will cover the uniform, books and fees for a child for a year.

Single Donation

Single donations help provide urgently needed funds to ACDI allowing us to continue the projects that are currently underway and allowing us to work towards establishing further long term programmes where they are needed.

To make a gift, please fill in the attached form and send to ACDI at: ACDI – Tafawa Balewa Square Complex (TBS) No 92, Lagos, Nigeria.


Using your group, society, school or friends to fundraise is a fun and effective way to help the African Child Development Initiative.

You may choose to get your group, society or even school involved by choosing to do a regular activity or a one off event to provide support to a charity.

The type of activity your group engages in to raise funds for ACDI can be varied, ranging from a raffle at an annual dinner to a regular coffee morning at playgroup.

ACDI is happy to work with you in developing ideas or providing assistance to your group and thank you for your enthusiasm please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Tel: +234 706.885.6889


Fundraising at work with your colleagues, or at the organisational level is a great way to help ACDI.

As a Team

It is great to know that you and colleagues are able to contribute to even more than the great work you do for your organisation everyday.
By supporting ACDI in undertaking a fundraising activity you can help us to achieve our goals whilst adding some fun into your work atmosphere!

There are many different types of activities that you and your colleagues can get involved in, here are some suggestions;

– Have a cake stall at morning tea time. Get everyone to make something delicious and sell them for morning or afternoon

– Have a dress down day with a donation for charity.

– Give it up for a month, Get sponsored by colleagues to give up coffee or chocolate for a month

Who’s the baby? The team brings in photos of when they were babies, each person pays 500 Naira to guess the identities of the babies

– At the Organisational Level

– ACDI welcomes the opportunity to work with corporate partners

ACDI recognises that for a corporate partnership to be effective, your organisation must also receive benefits from the relationship. By becoming a partner with ACDI and establishing or maintaining your corporate responsibility we will work with you to clarify how this partnership will benefit both parties.

There are a number of ways in which your organisation can support the work of ACDI, For example:


By sponsoring an event or a child you will have the opportunity to increase the brand awareness and to demonstrate the values and commitment of your organisation to existing and potential customers.

To do this please contact ACDI on Tel: +234 708.633.3211

Gifts in Kind

Companies can donate their products or services as gifts-in-kind to ACDI.
This can help us to achieve short term and long term goals. For example, by donating a service or product for an upcoming event we can use this to help raise further funds at the event; by donating a product to the school we are able to re-assign funds to begin or continue another project or programme.

To donate a Gift In Kind please contact ACDI on

Tel: +234 706.885.6889

In 2008 Gifts in kind received by ACDI include

Employee Fundraising

A fun way to help build commitment by employees is through the provision of team building opportunities.

Fundraising events can be organised by management or by giving the project to one or more staff members to manage. Ideas for Employee fundraising can be found in the Fundraising as a Team section.


Your time, enthusiasm and expertise can be of great value to ACDI.

For ACDI to reach our goals we need the time, enthusiasm and expertise of volunteers.

By bringing your skills and experience to our organisation you are able to help us achieve our goals. We reward our volunteers with the opportunity to undertake specific and fulfilling projects. These assignments will involve realistic Objectives, expected Outcomes and Timelines.

Current Opportunities

Due to the growing nature of the charity we are only able to consider volunteer opportunities when we have a specific vacancy.

To ensure ACDI and you, as the volunteer are able to get the most of your volunteering experience with the organisation ACDI asks for a commitment of at least six months. Often the volunteer position will require anywhere from 1 to 3 days per week, though the specifics of the weekly commitment required can be found on the specific volunteer assignment as advertised on the website.

To Apply

In order to apply, please check the details of the commitment required to check that it meets your availability.

Send an email to info@theacdi.org explaining why you are interested in the volunteer assignment, what skills or experience you believe you can bring to the organisation.

ALERT– Please note that under no circumstances will ACDI request money during the recruitment process of paid or voluntary staff